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We built Shed Suite specifically for you!

With a combined 25 years in the industry, we know the unique challenges faced by shed manufacturers and dealers.

Our mission is to help you manage and grow your shed business.

We started Shed Suite in 2017 with a vision to create the best shed business management software available. We now have a team of more than 10 incredible humans and over 90 growing shed companies as clients, and we’re only getting started!

In 2021 the average growth of all new shed companies on our platform was over 100%. That’s why we are incredibly excited to partner with you and see your business grow using Shed Suite!

Our mission is to spread the Love of Jesus Christ by deeply caring for our team members and clients, while having a blast building the world's best Shed Software company on the planet.

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The Team

“People do business with people.”
We are a team of passionate team players building the worlds greatest shed software and we would LOVE to work with you! Get to know us.

Jason Graber

CEO / Founder


Jason has been in the shed industry since 2007. He started out as a shed builder. He then went on to start and manage a shed manufacturing shop, run a successful dealership, and create 3D Shed Builder. He loves to play beach volleyball and spend time outdoors with his beautiful wife and 4 children.

Fran Arant

Co-Founder / Lead Software Engineer


Fran is the guy that makes the "Magic" happen. He's a ninja of the code and a visionary. He leads the dev team to design and build a world class enterprise software. He lives in the beautiful state of Vermont and loves coffee, as would any good developer. When he’s not coding he enjoys spending time outdoors on his little “farm” with his family.

Fabian Aussems

Dev Ops / Full Stack Developer


Fabian is a dev ops and command line maestro. He spends countless hours on infrastructure, and is to thank for the stability of our entire system! He lives in Bulgaria, and when he's not programming he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors to clear his head and recharge.

Philip Kaim

Full Stack Developer


Philip joined the Shed Suite team in June of 2019. He is passionate about using his skills in react.js and node.js to build beautiful, and intuitive features for all of our Shed Suite users! When he's not coding he loves longboarding, or hitting the gym for a good workout!

Joel Ahrens

Lead Customer Success


Joel joined the Shed Suite team in July of 2021 after spending 6 years in missions at YWAM, and running the grounds operations at a local church here in Sarasota. He is exceptional at helping customers properly set up Shed Suite and use it to its fullest! When he's not working he loves playing drums at church and spending time with his wife and 4 children.

Michelle Graber

Books / Billing


Michelle has been instrumental in keeping all the accounts up to date and is responsible for those awesome annual thank you boxes you get as a Shed Suite customer! She does an amazing job keeping the books, managing the billing, and paying all of us! She also is a full time mom of 4 so yeah, she’s our superhero!

Galya Georgieva

Lead UX/UI Designer


Galya joined the Shed Suite team in early 2022 as the lead UX/UI designer. She has extensive experience in UX/UI after working in a team at a large UX agency. She is leading our efforts in deeply understanding our customers' needs and building beautiful UI for the dev team! When she is not interviewing and designing she loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends!

Sean Walsh

Full Stack Developer


Sean joined Shed Suite in the spring of 2022 after helping start and scale a podcast publishing software. He is a senior full stack developer with a specialty in front end development. He loves to make software beautiful and fun! When he’s not coding he enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, and rock climbing!

Josh Sommers

Director of Sales & Marketing


Josh brings with him extensive leadership experience having spent 10 years as the executive worship director at a local church. He was instrumental in growing the church from a single location to a multi-site church with 8 campuses. When he’s not writing SOP playbooks or doing demos with potential customers, he can be found shredding the electric guitar at church or tending to his mini farm with his family in Myakka FL.

Ryan Chatterton

Content & Marketing Manager


Originally from Utah, Ryan now lives in Bansko, Bulgaria with his lovely wife, Irina. With over a decade of content marketing experience, Ryan is passionate about driving growth, creating engaging content, optimizing marketing campaigns, and leading talented teams to achieve success. When he's not producing winning content, you can find him cooking up something delicious, spending time with friends and family, or enjoying a relaxing game with friends.

Trenton Fox

Customer Success Agent


Trenton joined the Shed Suite team in early 2023 to work with our awesome Shed Suite clients to ensure their success in properly utilizing Shed Suite to grow their business. He comes from the shed world and even has 2 years experience using Shed Suite as a dealer. He loves helping customers almost as much as hitting that perfect layup shot for birdie on hole 18! Trenton lives in NC and loves all sports, hunting, and spending time with his family and friends.

Itziar Urbieta León

Full Stack Developer


Itziar joined the Shed Suite team in the fall of 2023. She is a very talented full stack developer working on all parts of Shed Suite, creating new features and making improvements. She was born in the Canary Islands and now lives in London with her husband Cristopher. She loves hanging out with family and friends as well as playing the drums and guitar! No kids yet, but they are excited to have children someday.

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