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Designed from the ground up for shed companies.


Easily display and sell your inventory online with full e-commerce checkout and low cost fees.

Dealer Websites

  • Customizable website for each dealer
  • Displays dealer stock and IdeaRoom 3D builder
  • Each in-stock shed can be shared on social media

Edit Ecommerce Listings

Dealer can add descriptions to stock sheds as well as add photos to stock shed listings

Online Checkout

  • Customers can shop and buy sheds online, plus track their orders and quotes
  • Customers‚Äô payment methods are stored on their profile for the dealer to charge when the deal is complete

Low Cost Merchant Account & Integrated Payments

  • Shed Suite acts as a Payment Facilitator to create merchant accounts for your business.
  • Take credit card and ACH payments from your customers
  • Extremely competitive pricing & next day funding
  • Full payments reporting dashboard

Design & Inventory

Create unique shed designs and shed design options to offer to your customers, or let them customize their own builds based on their needs.

IdeaRoom 3D Designer Integration

  • Create custom designs for customers in IdeaRoom and see quote in Shed Suite or let customers build their own designs
  • Use the 3D Configurator to design and build stock sheds

Options and Pricing & Management

  • Categorize all your shed build options like doors and windows
  • Easily and quickly adjust pricing for each option

Siding, and Roof Color Management

  • Quickly add new siding and roof colors
  • Link certain siding or roof types to a paid option

Models and Price Management

  • Easily build your model catalog and pricing
  • Change pricing on models sizes in an instant
  • Organize models in categories


Shed orders created


daily active users


states served


sheds delivered

Deal Flow

Always know which orders are where in every stage of your sales process. No more lost invoices or forgotten quotes.

Contact and Quote Management

  • Dealers can create quotes for customers
  • Set reminders to follow up with leads

Invoice and RTO Contract Generation

  • Shed Suite automatically creates detailed invoices for each order
  • Optionally, create dynamic detailed RTO contracts for each customer order

Text and Email Digital Signature Requests

  • Dealer can allow customer to sign on screen
  • Dealer can text or email the signature request to the customer
  • Dealer can copy the signature request URL and chat it to the customer in any chat app

Real-time Notifications

  • Get email notifications when a new order is created
  • Take credit card and ACH payments from your customers
  • Shed Suite sends email notifications to your customers on your behalf with order status updates

Analytics &

Knowing how your business is performing is as important as running that business. Shed Suite brings business insights to the surface so you know exactly how well things are going.

Enhanced Google Analytics Tracking

  • Track key events and event values using Google Analytics
  • Setup conversion tracking in Google ads to track ROAS

Sales Reports

Run many types of reports using various filters to see stats like sales by dealer, plus so much more

Inventory Control Reports

Use the serialized buildings inventory report to see where your Stock Sheds are and what the status of the sheds are

Shop Build Reports

  • See reports on how many sheds are built at a certain shop in a time period
  • Use the shop report export to build commissioned payroll reports

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Role Management & Dashboards

Your shed business has many moving parts, which is why Shed Suite provides you with unique dashboards for each role, be they a delivery driver or office administrator.

Dealer Accounts and Point of Sale Management

  • Unlimited Dealer accounts
  • Configure dealers to have access to specific product lines
  • Configure per-dealer settings for RTO

Shop Accounts and Work Order Management

  • Unlimited Shop accounts
  • Shop admins get a unique Shop Dashboard
  • Assign buildings to staff, move buildings through build stages, and report on shop activity

Driver Accounts and Delivery Management

  • Unlimited Driver Accounts
  • Drivers get a specialized delivery app
  • Driver can call or email the customer to schedule the delivery, complete deliveries by collecting a final payment, adding photos of the delivered shed, getting a signature from the customer, and adjusting the exact delivery location


At Shed Suite, we take pride in providing personalized and exceptional support to our customers. We understand that every customer's needs are unique, and we are dedicated to helping you grow your shed business.

Unrivaled Customer support personnel

Expert support staff and fully stocked article and video help desk to teach you all you need to know about how to use Shed Suite.

Full-service onboarding

Our onboarding team will walk you through your Shed Suite setup step by step so you get started on the right foot, no matter your setup.

Coming Soon

Planning (MRP)

An MRP system helps speed up manufacturing by figuring out what materials and parts are needed to make a product, and when to put everything together based on customer demand and a list of required items.

Configure Materials Costs

  • Create and Track Purchase Orders (P.O.s)
  • Configure BOMs for each shed and subassembly

Manage Materials Usage

  • View raw material levels at shops
  • Track work order status and build times
  • Analyze material and labor cost reports
  • Create production plans to see material requirement forecasts

What our client says
about our software

When I started my shed company in 2017, Shed Suite caught my eye. Its intuitive UI and powerful features were just what UPB needed. Our top picks? The reporting function for me and the point of sale for the team. My advice to fellow shed business owners: If you're serious about growth and data-driven decisions, embrace Shed Suite. Your dealers, office workers, managers, and customers will love it.

Casey Wiggins
CEO/President/Owner of United Portable Buildings

From placing an order to the deliveries made to our customers Shed Suite has helped our day to day operations in so many ways. It feels that the team is working to bring improvements to the table daily.  I am looking forward to new things yet coming to improve the value of this program.

Atlee Stewart
CEO of Burnett Affordable Buildings LLC

Shed Suite provides the functionality and tools to meet the industry's needs. It is simple but powerful enough to provide the necessary flow and data needed to run a successful shed business. The Shed Suite team is always looking to improve and very conscientious about making sure that it is done right.

Curt Paquette
CEO of Calculate Business Services
Trusted by more than 100 shed businesses (as of Jan 2024)
Trusted by more than 70 shed businesses (as of Feb 2023)