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Introducing Shed Suite’s New Google Merchant Center Integration: Boost Your Online Shed Sales

Shed Suite's new feature connects with Google Merchant Center, allowing shed inventories to appear in Google Shopping searches, simplifying the path from discovery to purchase for customers.

We've just rolled out an incredible new feature in Shed Suite that's gonna change the game for how you sell your sheds online. 

We're talking about linking Shed Suite up with your Google Merchant Center account, which means your sheds can now show up in Google Shopping right in Google searches. 

Imagine someone looking for a new shed online, and bam, there's your inventory, ready for buying.

What's the Big Deal?

This integration means all your in stock inventory sheds get listed in the shopping tab on Google search. 

When potential prospects in your area are hunting for a shed on the world’s most popular search engine, they'll see your products and can click straight through to your Shed Suite ecommerce store to buy. 

It's a straightforward path from seeing to buying.

Setting Up Shop on Google

Getting started is simple.

You'll make a free Google Merchant Center account and tell Google about your shed business. 

Whether you're selling online, got a physical shop, or both, providing all the details sets you up to reach all the right eyeballs.

Fine-Tuning Your Google Shop Window

Once you're in, there's a bit of setup like verifying your site and telling Google where you're shipping.

You'll also need to add details about your refund policy. You can use the Returns and Refunds Policy ecommerce page to publish this info on a link that you can submit to Google in your GMC account.

Connect to Shed Suite

Connecting your ecommerce store to Google Merchant Center happens via a live feed between Shed Suite and Google. It’s super easy to set up with just a few clicks and we’ve done 99% of the work for you.

You can learn more about how to set this up in our related support document article, which also contains video instructions!

Once connected, Google will pull up the freshest info on your sheds regularly from Shed Suite, including prices and pictures, so customers know exactly what they’re getting.

Making Buying a Breeze

One of the slickest parts of this new setup is letting customers hit a "buy" button right from Google Shopping, which zips them over to your Shed Suite cart. 

This creates a seamless experience for prospects and increases conversion for your shed business.

Spreading the Word with Ads

And if you're thinking about getting the word out even more, you can run ads directly through Google Shopping. 

This means your sheds can get in front of folks specifically looking to buy, without you needing to be a marketing guru.

It’s a No-Brainer

Integrating Shed Suite with Google Merchant Center is a no-brainer for getting your sheds in front of more customers with less hassle. 

We’re keeping it simple here, no fancy jargon. Just a straightforward way to boost your sales and get your sheds seen by shoppers all over.

We're pumped to see how this helps you sell more sheds. Remember, we're here to make sure your shed business thrives in the online world. Let’s get those sheds out there for everyone to see!

Ready to get started? Head over to our Google Merchant Center support article and watch the video to get started!

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