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Webhooks for Shed Suite Dealers: Easier Third-Party Integrations for Sales and Conversion Tracking

We're excited to roll out Webhooks on the Shed Suite dealer platform, aiming to automate data transmission and make third-party integrations easier for you.

We're thrilled to announce a new feature on the Shed Suite platform - Webhooks now enabled on the dealer side. Thanks to our awesome dev team, this addition is geared towards making your operations smoother and more interconnected. Let's delve into what this feature entails and how it's set to enhance your interaction with third-party services.

What Are Webhooks?

Webhooks are a handy tool that allow automatic data transmission from our platform to other platforms you use. Shed Suite has enabled Webhooks on the dealer side, empowering you to create Webhooks in your settings on the admin dashboard. 

How to Use Webhooks

The beauty of Webhooks lies in their ease of use and seamless interaction with external platforms. By setting up Webhooks, you can:

  • Send information automatically when a contact is created.
  • Use data for other actions as needed.
  • Integrate with platforms like Zapier to send these Webhook payloads to the desired destinations.

Webhooks for Marketing Automation

Webhooks have proven to be instrumental for marketing automation within Shed Suite. This feature facilitates automatic data transmission when key events happen in Shed Suite, allowing effortless integration with the Shed Suite Marketing Platform CRM, or other third-party systems. It's a step forward in making your marketing campaigns more effective and well-coordinated.

Activating Webhooks for Dealers

The Webhooks feature has now been extended to dealers as well. You can turn on the Webhooks feature for each dealer individually.

Access this setting under the "other dealer settings" section in the manage dealers menu, allowing for tailored configurations catering to the diverse needs of different dealers.

Subscribing to Webhook Events

Once you enable Webhooks for a dealer, they can subscribe to various events such as: 

  • contact creation and updates
  • quote creation and updates
  • order processing
  • customer order delivery

These subscriptions help in updating their CRM or any other third-party system, ensuring a seamless flow of data for smoother operations.

We're quite excited about the prospects this feature brings, especially with the upcoming Shed Suite Marketing platform for dealers. We're continuously working to improve Shed Suite, so stay tuned for more enhancements. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy exploring the advantages of the newly enabled Webhooks feature on the dealer platform.

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